Build a great HR team - without adding headcount

Businesses can outsource their HR functions at a fraction of the cost of hiring a full-time in-house HR staff. This can free up cash to invest in other parts of the business such as product development, marketing or sales, while remaining compliant with regulations. HR outsourcing is used by many top companies to provide HR support without the traditional costs associated with an expensive in-house workforce.

Support the entire employee lifecycle

Leverage the PayBridge team for every aspect of the HR function – from hiring to retiring. We’ll complete essential projects like developing employee handbooks, benchmarking salaries and creating job descriptions.

Our virtual HR team can help you with:

Employee relations

Policy and procedure

Human resource administration

Exit interviews


Leave of absence letters

Corrective action reviews

Entrance interviews

Termination letters

Salary benchmarking

Group benefits issues

Remote training and development

HR compliance updates


Job descriptions

New employee orientations

Compensation administration

Employee engagement

Recruiting services

Benefits administration

PayBridge HR Advisory Services

Regulations are constantly changing on a federal, state and local level; PayBridge helps HR teams stay up-to-date and compliant in all 50 states

PayBridge HR Advisory Services

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PayBridge assigns a dedicated HR Advisor to help you develop best practices and processes, provide guidance on complex HR topics and communicate ongoing critical compliance information.

Our remote HR department can advise on strategic and tactical matters. Team members are certified by either the Society for Human Resource Management or by the HR Certification Institute and possess an incredible breadth of knowledge, whereas hiring a HR Manager may mean hiring someone who is only an expert of those two areas.

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PayBridge has partnered with an award winning legal team to offer Employment Law Advisory Services. Our team of legal experts are able to provide more technical legal advice and answer common questions that regard wage and hour concerns, disciplinary matters, discrimination, harassment complaints and separation guidance.

It’s like having your own Chief Legal Officer on staff for all employment law questions. You and your team will have phone, email and virtual meeting access to dedicated attorneys on all employment law matters impacting your workforce.

Employment Law Advisory Services include:

Employee Handbook creation, review, and/or updates

Workplace policies and procedures

Training and Compliance Platform for core workforce training, including:

Exit interviews


Leave of absence letters

Training and Compliance Platform for core workforce training, including:

  • Sexual Harassment Prevention Training (for employees and supervisors)
  • Discrimination Prevention/Cultural Awareness Training
  • Employee Handbook Training
  • Other customized training and compliance (by industry)
  • All training modules are created and updated by attorneys
  • Anonymous whistleblower phone and online reporting hotline
  • Legal guidance pertaining to human resources
  • Conflict resolution

PayBridge Employment Law Advisory Services

Labor and employment laws are constantly changing, so it’s essential that your organization remains compliant with the ever-changing environment

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Employers who have utilized the Employment Law Advisory Services have reduced legal spend by 90% and have eliminated incidents of employee legal complaints. This provides a valuable cost-effective strategy to protect your business and minimize legal counsel costs with an eye toward a favorable outcome.

Growth happens when organizations focus on their core business and make the best use of their time, capital and people; an outsourced HR team can help your business:

Save money
Most small- and medium-sized companies spend too much time on administrative HR tasks, and for many, recruiting a full-time certified HR professional is out of budget, but you can outsource HR and Legal to PayBridge for just a fraction of the cost.

Remain compliant
Lawmakers add new regulations every year, but outsourced legal advice allows you to remain confident that you’re staying compliant.

Recruit top talent
Growing businesses need the best people. In the face of a labor shortage and a ‘war for talent’, PayBridge’s services can help you to recruit, hire and train your team.

Employment Law

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Average Salaries (according to

HR Manager


HR Director


Payroll Manager


Benefits Manager


Attempting to operate without a well-functioning HR team often leads to trouble.

2019 & 2020 Pre-Pandemic data sources

“In 2019, the Department of Labor’s Wage and Hour Division recovered a record-breaking $322 million in wages owed to workers.”


The EEOC received 39,110 retaliation claims in 2019; it was the most frequent complaint made against employers.


“U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement conducted 6,456 I-9 inspections in 2019—nearly five times more inspections than in 2017.”


The EEOC received more than $346 million in total monetary benefits from employers in 2019

Outsourced HR by the numbers

Good HR is a vital part of a thriving business, but recruiting a full time HR staff is expensive

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