Scenario One: We helped automate summer holdback for teachers

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A VP at a charter school ran monthly and semi-monthly payroll for 120 schools each with 20-500 employees and needed a faster way to manage deduction balances. Teachers usually withhold a percentage of their income earned over ten months as a post-tax deduction. This withholding is then used to pay the teacher over the summer months. The VP consistantly spent three hours per school per year manually moving these deduction balances.

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PayBridge created an automated solution that allowed customized deductions for defined periods. This solution automatically then paid the amount back over the summer, according to the teacher’s contract.

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PayBridge was able to eliminate a highly manual and laborious process to save the VP approximately 360 hours of work per year.

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Scenario Two: We helped automate salary increases

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A school’s Payroll Administrator needs an efficient way to update 50+ salary increases. Salary tables are typically approved for a period of ten years and automatic increases take place based on date of hire. The Payroll Administrator spends three days a year manually inputting salary updates.

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PayBridge designed and programmed an automated Salary Grade Table tool complete with salary increments and steps for all school employees.

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PayBridge saved the Payroll Administrator three days of work per year and mitigated all keying errors. The PayBridge solution allowed for easy step increases when an employee completed additional educational levels. 


“PayBridge is the only private company that understands what the State Teacher Retirement Service is, and what CalPERS is. All other payroll companies don’t know how to distinguish that.” – Sanjay Dewanga, Head of HR & Payroll

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We helped a restaurant chain reduce time and eliminate time and costs associated with paying their employees

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A restaurant chain located on the East Coast with 800 employees in 8 locations issued paychecks to a large number of their employees. Their employees were reporting that their paychecks were lost, stolen or destroyed on a recurring basis. The Payroll Administrator had to reconcile the lost checks with both the bank and check register to reissue new paychecks to employees on an ongoing basis. This was time consuming and costly for the employer.

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PayBridge provided the employer with PayCards in order to provide a fast and secure way to pay their employees.

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PayBridge helped them elimate costs related to issuing paper paychecks and paying bank reconciliations fees. They reduced their costs by no longer having to issue printed checks or handle bank reconciliation fees. The Payroll Administrator enabled the restaurant chain to spend more time on high-priority business initiatives by streamlining the payroll distribution process. The restaurant chain was able to pay all employees more efficiently, regardless of it they were newly hired or a temporary worker. PayCards also allowed the employer to track and automate tips that their servers could access at the end of their shift. These employees embraced the PayCard as it gave them instant access to their money on pay-day and eliminated the need to wait for their checks to arrive in the mail.

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An auto repair shop was able to eliminate a very specific time & attendance issue to deliver value to their employees

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An auto repair shop in the Mid-Atlantic with 86 employees in 5 locations had a very detailed and complex pay and bonus structure for their employees.

The employer had three different groups of employees, General Maintenance, Technicians and Super Technicians. Each required a different set of calculations to ensure they were paid correctly. Each calculation required entering multiple data points into various spreadsheets with complex formulas. The employer had to review each employee’s data to ensure it met specific thresholds to determine how much the employee should be paid.

For paid time off, the employer manually calculated the rate of pay based on historical hours worked to determine an employee’s available time off.

The auto repair shop continued this manual process of calculating the hour worked/gross pay to dispurse every pay period. This was a time-consuming task as checking the process to ensure it was done correctly took just as long.

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Through PayBridge’s Time & Attendance solution, the pay needs for the 3 employee groups were satisfied.

PayBridge’s customized approach created a way for each employee to instantly see how much they worked and what their gross pay was during the pay period. This solution accurately tracked all shortfalls to show the repair shop what areas of the company needed improvements.

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All of the calculations for the 3 groups of employees were made with only a single entry from their work order system. The Payroll Administrator reduced the time to do payroll from 3 days to almost instantly. PayBridge’s Payroll Administrator also completely eliminated the need to manually calculate and enter hours. PayBridge was able to streamline the auto repair shop’s time & attendance processes to deliver meaningful value to their employees.

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Helping a home health practice manage PTO accruals

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A home healthcare practice in Maryland with 50 employees was having difficulty tracking paid time off accrual balances. They spent numerous hours every month tracking balances, which were often inaccurate, leaving both the payroll administrator and employees frustrated.

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PayBridge was able to help the client to better streamline their manual time tracking process through PayBridge’s Time and Attendance system. Paid time off was scripted to automatically and accurately track paid time off accrual balances. This could be viewed by the employee on their paystubs so they could better keep track of their balances.

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The employees had accurate accrual balances, which they could view on their paystubs. The Payroll Administrator significantly cut down on the time spent on the administration of accrual balances. PayBridge was able to provide the home healthcare practice with substantial improvements in both efficiency and accuracy.

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