Whether it's parental leave, health care, sick leave, pet insurance coverage, pension plans, retirement plans or other benefits, PayBridge's Employee Benefits Administration services help organizations compile high quality employee benefits packages.

PayBridge's Benefits Administration solution provides employees with simple ways to view, manage and enroll in benefits. The Benefits Enrollment Wizard greatly reduces the paperwork typically associated with managing employee benefits administration, lowering the time and cost of managing complex benefits packages. Benefits administrators gain access to a comprehensive, company-wide overview, helping them manage their organization's programs and benefits offerings. Employees can participate in online benefits enrollment at work or at home, self-manage their personal information and view benefits statements.

PayBridge combines traditional benefits with modern technology, encouraging employee engagement while reducing the time HR managers spend administering benefits programs.

To attract top talent, prospective hires need to understand the benefit package upfront

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PayBridge's software platform offers employers and their human resources teams an extensive range of benefits administration capabilities:

Benefits Enrollment Wizard enables employees to enroll in benefit applicable to them

Simplified year-to-year benefits administration with automated rollover processing

Create and maintain benefits packages based upon employee preferences

Quickly determine benefit eligibility based on your pre-determined criteria

Simplify payroll with integration that automatically deducts the correct premium from employees’ paychecks based on their elections

Receive automatic notifications through the application’s internal e-mail system

Access over 600 standard reports with the option to quickly customize reports

Allow employees to self-administer their benefit packages, view current benefit plans and make life event changes via the easy-to-use Web portal. Whether it’s health plans, flexible spending accounts or comprehensive benefits enrollment, employees can easily view all benefits packages in one place

Reduce labor using electronic interfaces with third-party administrators

Eliminate manual reconciliation of benefits standard costs

Budget accurately by analyzing benefit costs

Go paperless. Provide traditional benefits without the need for printed documents, manual enrollments and postage costs

  • Electronic Carrier Feeds

    PayBridge provides electronic carrier data feeds for both employer-paid and employee-paid benefits. Carrier feeds are available for groups of 100 or more employees.

  • Empower Employees to Manage Their Own Information

    PayBridge's benefits administration software includes access to an employee portal. Save time by letting employees manage their own direct deposits and tax details through the employee portal. Employees can also access paystubs and tax forms. The employee portal is easily accessible via desktop, laptop or mobile device.

  • 401(k) Interface

    Seamless 401(k) integration supports businesses that help their employees save for retirement. Enrollment is streamlined and automated, reducing processing time, improving accuracy, security and resource optimization.

Top Talent

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Avoid the costly consequences of COBRA liability by protecting your business with PayBridge's COBRA Administration solution. PayBridge indemnifies clients 100% on their COBRA plans, so your company never has to worry about damaging lawsuits or lengthy litigation.

PayBridge coordinates with your TPA to provide an enterprise-smart approach to COBRA administration. We ensure your TPA takes care of paperwork, employee notification and coordination on premiums with insurance carriers.

With PayBridge as your full-service COBRA administrator, you can rest assured that the responsibility of compliance and the burden of administration are taken care of.

Guaranteed Compliance

Working with PayBridge means guaranteed compliance with all COBRA and IL State Continuation regulations and law changes. You’ll never have to worry about costly penalties and legal fees for violations or costly claims from ineligible parties. You’ll enjoy 100% flexibility in your COBRA Administration program while still ensuring that COBRA is administered consistently at all work locations.

All documentation is maintained electronically, meaning less paperwork for you.


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The Affordable Care Act (ACA) aims to make health insurance accessible to more Americans. The government therefore places specific regulations on any companies over a certain threshold, requiring that these “large” employers (50 FTEs or more) offer healthcare and keep meticulous records to demonstrate their compliance in the form of annual filings with the IRS.

Government regulations surrounding the ACA are complex and multi-faceted. With complicated filing requirements, numerous penalties and fees calculated on a per-employee basis, non-compliance can quickly get really expensive, really fast, but PayBridge's comprehensive ACA Filing services offer you peace of mind.

  • Eligibility Reporting

    We keep track of the hours your employees have worked and provide a report to help you identify who is eligible or approaching eligibility.

  • ACA Coding

    PayBridge assigns and updates the appropriate codes for each employee’s offer of coverage to avoid penalties.

  • 1095 Form Printing

    We provide consolidated, easy-to-review monthly preview reports, plus print and mail 1095 forms to your address.

  • E-Filing with the IRS

    PayBridge completes the required forms and files the 1094 and 1095 with the IRS.

  • Open Enrollment Support

    PayBridge provides the ACA Data Form in conjunction with your open enrollment period.

Affordable Care Act Filing Services

Affordable Care

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We'd love to help!

Get in touch, we'll show you the software and discuss the ways we can help improve your organization's payroll and HCM services

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