Our Platform Includes...


Our cloud-based software can help small and large enterprises handle complex payroll and tax management needs while allowing you to accurately process payroll in a few easy steps.

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Benefits Administration

Benefits Administration solution provides employees with simple ways to view, manage and enroll in benefits. PayBridge combines traditional benefits with modern technology, encouraging employee engagement while reducing the time HR managers spend administering benefits programs.

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Human Resources (HR)

PayBridge's cloud-based Human Capital Management (HCM) solution dramatically reduces the number of manual processes required of HR professionals. This allows employees responsible for human capital management to contribute to overall business strategy and develop HCM processes that deliver genuine business value.

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Time and Labor Management

Timekeeping helps to simplify the payroll process, providing an easy-to-use solution that will help your business track employee hours, manage labor costs, reduce administrative expenses and compliance risks, while improving workforce productivity.

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Talent Management

PayBridge provides a complete talent management solution to smoothen the hiring process, recruit and retain the best talent, drive employee engagement, reduce employee turnover and drive employee development.

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Reporting & Analytics

Our reporting and analytics tools keep managers informed in real-time, allowing for the most-informed business decisions. 

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And More!

With PayBridge and our platform, businesses can also get access to dedicated service & training, employee self-service features, legal and HR outsourcing services, paycards, and earned wage access. 

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