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Updating an Outdated 3rd Party Recruiting System

Vice president of HR for an IT Company

Responsible for RECRUITING AND ONBOARDING for 2,400 Employees in three States

Needs to modernize, streamline and cut costs

The company’s antiquated recruitment and onboarding process is cumbersome and expensive. It is paper-based, owned by multiple third parties, and requires three full time employees to manage.

Consolidation and Optimization of Multiple Workflows

PayBridge identified the optimum workflow for the company’s recruitment, applicant tracking and onboarding processes. We designed and implemented a complete recruitment and onboarding solution that streamlined the entire hiring process.

With a completely paperless applicant tracking system in place, the company achieved a new level of efficiency for its recruiting and onboarding. The HR department’s streamlined process can now handle the volume of applicants it receives, and the system requires only a single employee to manage it.

“We like the ease of the PayBridge system. It’s quick. It’s not cumbersome. We’ve used other systems that take five steps to get to a certain point. With PayBridge, that’s cut to one or two steps. It’s user friendly.”

– Randy Greene, Controller

Using Time and Labor Data + Payroll to Recover Costs

Head of HR for a Private Vineyard

Responsible for Payroll for Salaried and Contract Employees

Needs a better way to manage labor costs to recover expenses from contract vineyards

The current process takes three hours per pay cycle to manually calculate and enter labor distribution and costs and then consolidate the information into monthly invoices.

Leveraging Data to Create Efficiencies

PayBridge implemented a solution that allows the vineyard to split the labor distribution expense of salaried employees across all contracted vineyards. Then, through standard reporting, the solution allows the consolidation of expenses in a single report for monthly invoices.

PayBridge’s solution saves the client two full days of generating payroll and invoicing to recover their costs. In addition, the solution provides electronic back up and support documentation for all invoices.

“The relationship is hugely important to me because we work so closely together and PayBridge is so intricately involved in our business. I need to know that trust level is quite high — it’s everything.”

– Jennifer Beale, VP of HR

Automating Summer Holdback for Teachers

VP of Payroll for ESTABLISHED charter school sYSTEM

runs payrolls monthly and semi-monthly

120 schools with 20-500 employees each


Teachers withhold a percentage of their income earned over ten months as a post-tax deduction. This withholding is then used to pay the employee during the two months they do not work. The client spends three hours per school (120 schools) per year to manually move deduction balances earned from July through December to the next year, January through May.

Automating Repetitive Tasks to Save Time

PayBridge created an automated solution that allows individual customized deductions for multiple defined pay periods for the teacher’s summer holdback. Then, without manual intervention, the system automatically pays these monies back over the summer, according to the teacher’s contract.

PayBridge’s solution eliminates a manual process that saves the school a full 360 hours per year.

“No payroll system is perfect, but working with a company who is there for customer service and willing to get into the nitty gritty is important. That’s where PayBridge comes in.”

– Lauren Metcalf, VP of Payroll

Automating Salary Increases

VP of Payroll for charter school

runs payrolls monthly and semi-monthly for 50+ employees


Salary tables for school employees are approved by the board typically for a period of 10 years. Automatic raises teachers receive each year are based on their date of hire, and where the teacher was on the school’s salary table on the date they were hired. The school manually inputs all raises, which takes two full days each year to update all salaried employees.

Creation of an automated Salary Grade Table

PayBridge designed and programmed an automated Salary Grade Table tool complete with salary increments and steps for all school employees.

PayBridge’s solution saves the school three days of time and also mitigates all keying errors. The custom solution also allows for easy step increases when an employee completes additional educational levels.

“PayBridge is the only private company that understands what the State Teacher Retirement Service is, and what CalPERS is. All other payroll companies don’t know how to distinguish that.”

– Sanjay Dewanga, Head of HR & Payroll

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