The Paybridge Advantage

Features of the PayBridge Advantage

  • Web-based Solution: Scalable and securely-hosted. Verify and process payroll from anywhere, anytime.
  • Real-Time Performance: Immediate access to payroll data, as well as the ability to view preliminary payroll reports prior to final posting.
  • Census Data: PayBridge’s Census Vault enables on-demand, electronic access to payroll census data which is critical to plan compliance.
  • Platform Independent: PayBridge integrates with virtually any retirement or insurance plan.
  • Integrated: PayBridge payroll and 401(k) integration eliminates the need for the client to maintain or edit contribution files.
  • Single Database: One database. One employee record. PayBridge unifies payroll, HRIS, timekeeping, benefits and retirement which eliminates manual and repetitive data entry.
  • Simplified Implementation Process: The entire implementation process is managed by the PayBridge implementation team. All year-to-date data is loaded prior to initial payroll processing.
  • Superior Customer Support: PayBridge provides a client-assigned Customer Service Representative to guide and assist you with payroll questions or needs—no more 800 number call centers.

A True Open Platform

PayBridge is a true, open platform system designed to make your life easier. Paybridge’s enterprise-smart payroll system provides an integrated approach to payroll, retirement, and human resources. We collaborate with local advisors and their client end-users to evaluate all aspects of an enterprise.Providing a proprietary solution that is uniquely customized for your business, Paybridge seamlessly integrates with existing business systems and is backed by unparalleled customer service.

Customized Solutions

Collaborating with you to develop a customized solution
We work with your existing service providers to implement a seamless solution. Through partnerships with your TPA, local advisor, and record keepers, Paybridge saves you time and money by providing custom solutions designed to fit your business.

Paybridge’s suite of payroll-based products can be seamlessly implemented into your business, bringing you a customized, integrated solution. We strive to deliver an innovative service that fits your business, creates efficiencies, and compliments the services being provided by your local advisor. Paybridge brings together several divergent processes with ease. Our enterprise-based solution allows you to integrate your existing vendors and business services through one easy-to-operate, web-based portal. We integrate these functions for speed and convenience and help keep you compliant with federal, state, and local regulations.

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The Census Vault: Offering proprietary tools to streamline operations

Developed in 2006, Paybridge’s Census Vault tool provides the necessary census information as well as data and money movement to make your retirement plan run more efficiently. Census Vault provides TPAs, record keepers, and advisors real time access to census data, creating efficiencies that help streamline the administration process for retirement programs and benefits enrollment.

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First Class Customer Support

Paybridge provides an unparalleled customer support team of seasoned service professionals with years of payroll, HR, and record keeping experience. At the time of implementation, you are paired with a client service specialist who remains your ongoing dedicated teammate.

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Working with you and your advisors

Paybridge’s enterprise-smart payroll is unique to the industry. Instead of providing a one-size-fits-all model, we collaborate with you and your advisors to deliver a solution that is customized for your company and integrated with your other service providers. Paybridge is a national company operating in every market in the United States and our unique model of ensures we have a presence in your market and the needs of both the advisor and the client end-user are supported and satisfied.

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Additional PayBridge Offerings…

  • Database tracking—information is updated once, and is instantly manipulated in related files.
  • User definable roles for payroll, HR, employee.
  • Web-based payroll verification and processing in minutes from anywhere, anytime.
  • Time-saving payroll and benefit integration.
  • Web-based timekeeping.
  • Employee self-service for benefits enrollment.
  • Automated vacation and sick accruals.
  • Automatic enrollment notification for participants in 401(k) and health insurance plans.
  • Peace of mind through compliance with payroll/tax-related federal, state, and local regulations.