See PayBridge in Action

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Enterprise-Smart Payroll Demo

Paybridge’s enterprise-smart HR solution brings unprecedented speed and ease to internal processes. Maintaining an unlimited amount of employee data, Paybridge’s HR solution uses a powerful single database to unify operations across HR, Payroll, and benefits enrollment that allows for a single update which populates each portion of the integrated system.

Basic Payroll Demo

Paybridge’s enterprise-smart payroll system keeps you compliant with federal, state, and local regulations. By increasing accuracy through integrating across all business systems, Paybridge eliminates inefficiencies in data capturing and processing. See how enterprise-smart payroll can integrate into your business.

Time and Attendance Demo

Time tracked thru PC, Web-Punch, Telephone, Time Clock, EConnect and GPS. All solutions have bi-directional integration with the Payroll software. This functionality provides single employee data base management and insures that both platforms are always in sync.

Census Vault™ Demo

Paybridge’s innovative Census Vault enables TPA’s and advisors to have on-demand, electronic access to payroll census data. This data is critical to show that retirement plans are designed and operate compliantly with IRS and Department of Labor rules – without timely access to payroll census data, plan compliance testing can be delayed and the plan’s tax-favored status may be affected. See how you can manage census information with Census Vault.

Our Census Vault™ tool provides the necessary census information as well as data and money movement to make your retirement plan run more efficiently. Eliminating manual transactions, Census Vault decreases the opportunity for errors. Unlike many national providers who have proprietary products and closed systems, Paybridge is capable of working with all companies and service providers.